James Madison University

Fall 2019

Point Total = 25

Download the Physical Wellness Log (MS Word)

The primary goal of this assignment is for all HTH 100 students to engage in and provide evidence of a regular physical exercise routine. The CDC physical activity guidelines for adults are 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity a week AND muscle-strengthening activities that work all major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week. Therefore, this assignment is in accordance with the recommendations of fitness experts.

In order to accommodate the great variation of individual student physical health status, activity interests, time commitments, etc., this assignment will require all HTH 100 students to participate and document a MINIMUM of 15 hours of physical activity at the University Recreation Center (UREC) and/or U-Park and/or specific intramurals at Godwin. Students may complete all 25 hours at the designated JMU recreation facilities. Verification of these hours will require students to scan in and out of the UREC facilities using their JAC cards. Students are NOT to ask anyone at UREC for a record of their hours – they will not be able to provide them. In addition to the minimum of 15 hours at UREC facilities, all students may complete a MAXIMUM of 10 hours documenting physical activity on your own.

What can I count for my maximum 10 hours of this assignment?

Below is a list of examples. Ask your class instructor if you have questions about physical activities appropriate for these 10 hours.


All HTH 100 students must submit a physical wellness log at mid semester of hours completed by the due date. If a student fails to submit a mid-semester log by the due date, he or she will be ineligible to submit a final log resulting in a 0 for the assignment. In addition, all students are required to submit a final physical wellness log. The final log must include the hours completed at mid semester AND all hours completed by the final due date. Students should refer to their own class syllabus for specific due dates and method of submission (in class or online) for both the mid semester and final physical activity logs. No extra credit will be given for logging more than the required 25 hours.