James Madison University

Passport Assignment Instructions

Selecting Events

  1. You will attend four approved Wellness Passport events this semester to complete your Wellness Passport assignment.
  2. The only events that fulfill the requirements of the Wellness Passport are those that are listed on the events calendar on the Wellness Passport Web site.
  3. You must attend one event for each of the following dimensions of wellness: intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual OR environmental OR occupational.
  4. Many events relate to multiple dimensions of wellness. However, each passport event can only be counted once for a dimension requirement. For example, in the description section of an event, it may list the dimension for an event as intellectual or social. You can only receive credit for either the intellectual dimension or the social dimension, not both.
  5. The Wellness Passport is designed to enhance your personal wellness, therefore, it is important for you to select events that interest you. Remember to read all of the information provided on the Events Calendar. There may be special instructions that may affect your participation such as advance registration, room capacity, fee, etc.
  6. Do not attend events only during the week of a due date. There are over 1600 students working on this assignment this semester, so you cannot procrastinate and expect there to be room for you at events you decide to attend at the last minute. This assignment can only be completed successfully if you plan ahead.

Attending Events

  1. You must take a verification page printed on cardstock to events. The verification pages are to be completed, stamped, and turned in for credit. There will be someone at the event to stamp your verification page at the end of the program. If the person(s) is not identified at the beginning of the program, as you exit the room, there will be someone present to stamp your passport page. Please note that if you do not have a verification page, you will not receive a stamp, thus you will not earn credit for attending that program.
  2. When you select an event, block out enough time in your schedule to arrive on time, be an active listener or participate when required, and allow for the possibility of the event running over time. You are required to attend the entire event in order to get your verification page stamped and to receive credit.
  3. Verification pages will only be stamped at the end of the event. You must fill in the top section of the verification page before the page will be stamped. Blank verification pages will not be stamped.
  4. The vast majority of UREC events require advance registration. You must attend an event once you have registered. If, for some reason, you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration so another student has the opportunity to attend the program. Programs that are not sponsored by UREC do not have registration requirements.
  5. Some workshops, such as those offered through the Counseling and Student Development Center, the Health Center, Career and Academic Planning and UREC, are designed to be interactive; therefore, you will be expected to participate. The program leaders have been advised to ask you to leave or not give you a stamp if they feel you have not contributed to the learning experience.
  6. Please refrain from engaging in unprofessional behaviors that may disrupt events. These behaviors may include, but are not limited to:
    • eating or drinking during an event
    • talking with your neighbors during the event
    • leaving pagers or cellular phones on an audible alert signal
    • packing up or leaving before the question & answer session has completed

Cancelled Events

If an event is cancelled, we assume no responsibility for rescheduling. Please plan accordingly.

After Attending an Event

You must have the top section of your verification page completed before receiving a stamp. After attending an event, please complete the brief questions on the verification page. It is suggested that you complete these responses shortly after the event while it is still fresh in your mind. Do not complete this section in class just before handing in the assignment. This behavior could result in your instructor refusing to give you credit.

Handing in the Assignment

  1. The assignment must be neatly hand written and pages stapled together.
  2. You must adhere to the specified word count when completing your write ups. Failure to provide a complete write up will result in a loss of points.
  3. The assignment must be turned in on time. See your instructor’s policy for late assignments on your class syllabus.
  4. Only the stamped verification pages will be accepted for credit. You will not receive credit if you turn in stamped materials other than verification pages.