James Madison University

Wellness Passport - Program Proposals

Before Submitting Proposals

Only passport partners may submit events. If you are not a partner, and looking to submit an event, your best bet is to select a cosponsor with similar interests to sponsor the event for you by contacting them directly. Partners are not required to cosponsor and reserve the right to decline.

Before submitting proposals, read about the wellness dimensions so you can pick the appropriate ones. We reserve the right to change or deny your proposal if it does not adequately correspond to the dimensions you select.

Please have a short description of your event handy before submitting the proposal. Make it concise, yet informative. Two to three sentences should be adequate. The description should also clue the reader as to why the event corresponds to the given dimensions.

If your program is approved, please do not advertise it as a Wellness Passport Program. All advertising will and should ONLY be made through our Wellness Passport Calendar. This is a class-specific assignment, and all students utilize this calendar for passport information.

Please follow all Wellness Passport Guidelines and use the online passport event proposal form below to submit events.


Due Dates

The Wellness Passport assignment is due on the following dates:

MWF Classes

TuTh Classes